As the end of my college career draws closer I am reminded of the reason I was drawn to this tumblr world for my  Anth class project on downton abbey.  Though that project has been over since december I am still here because everyone I have encountered feels passionately like I do  about fictional characters and also the actors who play them, really I love all the excitement and passion in general not just for this show!!
Also I was browsing the Mary Crawley tag and saw  an icky porno photo with Michelle/Lady Mary’s face pasted on and I really want that to leave my mind and I think its pretty rude whoever made it. I get that tumblr is about self expression and nudity is a part of that but I just think that photo is crossing a line. 
Besides that person I want to thank all the rest of you for a wonderful time thus far, i’m always open for a chat!
brunettebookworm asked:
5 things in order of preference: Characters in Downton Abbey! Anna, Mary, Edith, Cora, Violet

yay thanks for this!!!

1. lady mary all the way my numero uno!! maybe it’s her sass or angry streak or older daughter syndrome I identify with.

2.This is when things get tough. number two: Violet. her one liners man!

3.Anna, I love her friendship with mary.

4. Edith, i don’t hate her at all, I just don’t feel the connection with her and I wish they would give her more wins.

5. Cora, nothing against people who like her, but the accent and mannerisms this character has kinda bug me.

tumblr folks, send me more!!! 

feeling antsy again tonight i need to get out of this town and into the world. I know i have a lot to offer.

put five anything in my ask and i’ll put them in my preference order

Nobody ever does these for me so maybe this one

twitter my loves. tweet tweet

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if you like the fantastic things I think and say on here, I do it in 140 characters or less on twitter. Omg no way!!!

Go ellen pompeo buying two Ariel and two Eric dolls so there can be same sex marriages for her marriage obsessed 4 yr old, you go girl. 

Why don’t we all go ahead and add Elizabeth Peña to people with super sexy voices, mhmmm.

i found it, woot, this is wonderful. this might be my favorite interview of this show so far.

Am I the only one a bit sketched out by the recent Mrs. S stuff and not willing to let that bit go until i get some answers… i need details

pretty epic tonight, A+



by complete accident I started watching and finished just in time for season  2!!!!

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