i’m so excited she is in this show, love her.

Offically joining the orphan black train right now ep 1 season 1. watching it at this very moment. 

loving some martina this morning.  

to anyone with cancer or who knows someone give them lots of love

I think I need a paper bag to breath into 🙌🎓 #onemonthleft #3weeksofclass 

I can’t wait until last tango in Halifax becomes like downton abbey and I can be like I told you so 😜😍


Academy of Country Music Awards (2012)
Who: Jennifer Nettles
Wearing: Max Azria Atelier

my country princess

not that most of you care, but if you want to see my photos of travels or random life photos i decided to get a flickr since i am sans Facebook. Send me a message and we can exchange usernames!! carry on.


just started this! need followers🙌? #greysanatomy #greys #merder #jolex #calzona #crowen

 how cute
Anonymous asked:
Crushing on you a lil' bit... ☺️😶

I’m single ☺️ I’m so honored this is my first anon interaction


Ralph W. Sockman said, “Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as real strength.”

can’t stop.. watching…. criminal minds… so good, must eat… but criminal minds… great quotes.. great show

It’s kinda nice having a show almost to myself and at the same time I want to scream it from the rooftop “watch this adorable show.”


you know when you have those idina nights?

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