premier season begins- hip hiiiip huuuuraaaaay

this is the worst weekend to be productive but the start of tv premier time is here!!!!!!the two shows shows that i follow that premiered these last few days

1. Outlander, my fav moment: the morning kiss and awkward sexual tension finally getting payoff.

2. downton abbey- lady mary’s very practical conversation about sex outside of marriage had me chuckling and nodding in agreement

i am excited for sleepy hollow tomorrow, so excited for the bestest of friends abby and ichabod

night night all


It’s not long to go before ‘Downton Abbey’ returns to our screens and Lady Mary Crawley is facing a tough decision when choosing between two suitors, Charles Blake and Lord Gillingham, who are both vying for her hand in marriage. Michelle Dockery tells Heart all about the sex and scandal in series five. [X]

she is mostly the reason i am excited for the new season (not meant to offend anyone)-ladymarytime

post grad journal #5 or 6- i don’t know-

So I have been thinking recently about how I really need to get out of the US and travel again, I love California and my little hometown and I see myself probably growing old in northern California. But I am young and I need to get out of here and it is really only money that is holding me back. I am naturally lazy so when I get days off from work I sit around all day and waste my own time.

I really hate that but I am not the type of person who uses their time well unless someone is telling me what to do. I know it’s lame which is why I always need to be busy. Being one of the only people my age in my small town these days means I get a lot of alone time, which  if  you have been paying attention= bad for me. 

The point of this whole conversation I have been having with myself (another product of alone time) is that I have been kinda sorta, maybe thinking of joining the peace  One reason I  was hesitant about the peace corps was because of the big time commitment, two years is quite some time, but I young and I could do it and still come out and have plenty of youth left (: A second major reason I was hesitant was I didn’t want to be one of those ” I am your savior, the white girl who has all the answers” I hate that idea but at the same time I know how lucky I have been in life and I want to give back. 

Essentially what this is all saying is i haven’t applied yet or anything but something i am considering much more seriously than before. I was worried that applying to peace corps right out of college would be continuing to escape my real world responsibilities. Which is why i wouldn’t do it until  fall ‘15 at the earliest but most likely spring 2016 (because of how long the actual process takes). In theory the peace corps seems perfect for me, we shall see. 

I think I am mostly righting this to talk it out with myself but it is here if anyone else wants to read it.


Why did you throw me in the water?!?! =’(

baby corgis are the best

life update

1. I’ve been randomly watching the newer mindy project eps and it’s making me want to go back and start from the pilot…

2. i just got off 40 hrs working and i now feel so much more appreciation for all the people out there who have to provide for their family or themselves and work multiple jobs. i am exhausted and I’m just saving money not even paying rent (at this point)!

3. I found the label printer at work today, it was pretty epic, now random things in the office are labeled in english and spanish!

4. I think either this winter or summer i need to back to south america maybe peru or something, lt is going to happen. saving starting now!


Sleepy Hollow season 1 | Gag Reel 

You’re welcome :D

I just started really missing this show again after this, i’ve said it before and will say it again, i missy my little ichabod and the abster

my singular relationship goal is if someone pulls a castle and says this sentence to me “look at my life, my dreams do come true”

my grandpa is now on Facebook, i think we have pretty much the whole family, how odd this feels. i remember the hesitation back in the day of adding my own mom as a Facebook friend  haha. 


Are you ready for walkies? they ask.
"I was born ready for walkies.”

well isn’t this just perfect

Caroline. Last Tango in Halifax.
——black pen and watercolor on paper.

people are talented
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