super epic, pic, okay I told you i would maybe cool it on the celebs. it’s an addiction which contrasts nicely with my polar opposite view of what a ffed up world hollywood is creating for girls and the expectations for men…
she is insanely beautiful, the film kept me on the edge of my seat. Give me a few days and i think i might be more able to put into words my actual thoughts on the  film itself.

Biggest mind f*ck of my life, watching gone girl. On another note Rosamund pike = blonde Michelle Dockery.

to slowly transition me away from some of the more silly stuff i post, here is a newsweek article about one of fistulas, one of preventable issues we rarely if ever have to deal with in the united states.

Documetary Tuesday (I know the name fails)

I really recommend anyone who has Netflix and anyone who has ability to work the internet (which should be all of you all here). Watch the documentary Motherland Afghanistan. It is a really fascinating documentary about maternal health, it follows a family where both the parents are doctors and the family returns for a few months to volunteer at a hospital. It does not shy away from the tough subjects and images but I think it is nonetheless very important viewing. 

I’ve decided I want to shift the part the blog focus from 95% tv and celeb stuff to more social issue and current events. Don’t get me wrong i love me some tv, but I don’t want it to be what this blog is all about, feel free to run for the door if you must (:

A Teaspoon of Serendipity

so If anyone on here uses Facebook and is interested in cute babies and yummy recipes and awesome crafting ideas go and like this Facebook page, it is worth your time!! a friend of mine has been blogging and just made a Facebook page!!

of course….

Of course I  told my mom about the peace corps possibility and she shut it down, she actually had some good points about why I might want to wait and do it in a few years. But she can really harsh and thoughtless when she wants.I figured it would happen but i went for it anyway, I guess i should have known she would do her thing and shut me down. I think i would be more receptive to her good points if she wasn’t acting like i was a child who didn’t know what was best for themselves. 

There are many things in this world I don’t have an answer to, but as i sit here feeling like crap, there is one thing I do feel certain of, Sarah Paulson is sexy as fuck. okay it is even the adorable way she talks, almost makes me want to watch american horror story, almost…. still on the fence about that…

Heheheh. I know it wasn’t really her, but someone called my work and the caller id said Rachel Bailey..

I’m becoming that possibly very annoying person who posts New York Times articles on facebook. I’m only a little sorry and mostly just like… Educate yourself!


Time left until Last Tango in Halifax 3 airs on British TV. Getting sssssoooooooo close.

I have a countdown also!! Yes so excited
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